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19th Century: Romanticism and Realism

This is such a fascinating period of art history. The French revolution of 1789 ushered in a new era.  Romanticism emerged from a desire for freedom.  The monarchy was overthrown, making space for the likes of Napoleon Bonaparte.  There was a renewed interest in the Medieval and a notion of the “sublime”- feelings of awe mixed with terror.  It is the idea that pain or fear evoke the most intense human emotions and that these emotions can be thrilling. 

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The Baroque

The Baroque is a period, roughly 17th century, in Europe in which art and architecture is characterized by drama, dynamism, theatricality, elaborate ornamentation, and grandiose scale.  The Catholic Church is the leading patron. In its effort to battle the Protestant Reformation, it initiates a campaign referred to as the Counter Reformation.  The Church used art to communicate with the populace and commissioned many works throughout Europe to illustrate biblical scenes played out with great drama.

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Regional Differences Between Italian and Flemish Renaissance Art

There is significant variation in Italian and Flemish Renaissance art due in part to differences in patronage, religious beliefs, and customs. In today's post, I will attempt to compare and contrast art from these two places noting these specific causes for variation.

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